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Gunnera manicata (Giant Rhubarb)

A very large architectural plant with massive, deeply-lobed, bristly green leaves on strong, tall, prickly leaf-stems. Greenish-red, tiny flowers on a conical flower-spike followed by red-green fruit.


Kockney Koi 3mm Wheatgerm 1kg Winter Food

3mm Wheatgerm Winter Fish Food 1kg (Floating Pellets) - This is a complete low protein floating pellet that should be fed to fish during the colder months when your fish must not be given as much prot


Hottonia palustris (Water Violet)

Bright green foliage growing to the surface of the water with violet coloured flowers held above the surface. Prefers shallower water up to about 45cm deep.


Scrophularia auriculata (Water Figwort)

A bold foliage perennial. Remains evergreen in a mild winter. Does best in rich moist soil, particularly well at the edge of a stream or pond. Full sun or partial shade.